Wood Ceilings, Planks & Panels

Bring a little nature inside with the warmth and beauty of WoodWorks wood ceilings. Combine the beauty of natural wood in a versatile line of panels, planks, clouds, and canopies available in standard, custom, and one-of-a-kind options.

WoodWorks ceilings are an excellent alternative to custom millwork that can prove to be unreliable, drive up project costs, and result in project delays. Offered in a variety of perforations and finishes- from real wood veneers to exotic species, WoodWorks ceilings offer many options to reflect your design intent.

​Armstrong has harnessed the enduring, natural beauty of Australian-made wood in a range of ceiling panels, combining functionality with elegance and wide range of choice.

01 Woodworks Linear Planks

Woodworks Linear Planks

  • Attractive linear visual
  • Easy to install, pre-engineered grid and plank system – all from one supplier
  • Acoustical performance for a more comfortable environment: NRC up to 0.80 with addition of Optra Black overlay panels
  • Range of veneers and laminates
  • Two standard plank widths; 80mm or 130mm, with 20mm reveals
  • Ceiling or wall application
02 Woodworks - Square Edge, Tegular & Vector

Woodworks - Square Edge, Tegular & Vector

  • Wide range of standard solutions:
  • Three veneer and three laminate finishes
  • Install on standard Prelude XL 24mm Tee Suspension Grid for cost effectiveness and simplicity
  • Three standard panel sizes
  • Eighteen standard perforation options to enhance acoustical performance and design aesthetics
03 Woodworks Perforations

Woodworks Perforations

  • Comprehensive range of perforation patterns to suit any design requirement
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