Why use suspended ceiling tiles?

Why use suspended ceiling tiles?

There are several great reasons to use suspended ceiling tiles.  Suspended ceiling tiles are the same thing as a drop ceiling. These terms can be interchangeable.  However, sometimes they are confused about the general public. These ceiling systems can be used in residential and commercial applications.  They are not a permanent system and can be removed at any time. They are used for a variety of reasons. However, they basically consist of a grid with cables and the tiles that seat in this grid.  

A drop ceiling is often used for aesthetic reasons.  However, there are many other advantages to a drop ceiling.  And, it is perfect for hiding all the wires that are run throughout an office building.  As they can be tucked in the space between the ceiling and drop ceiling. The panels are easy to remove which allows easy repairs as well.  And, they can be replaced should there be a pipe leak or something drastic without having to replace the entire ceiling. Each panel can be replaced independently.

Aesthetic reasons for a suspended ceiling

Aesthetic reasons for a suspended ceiling

Aesthetically they provide a nice clean look.  The panels often come from the factory white but can be painted in other colors.  Many times you can get some insulating factors out the panels as well as the amount of space that you are heating and cooling is reduced greatly.  The look of the panels is unique as your space as there are literally 100s of options to choose from. Most panels are 2’x 2′ or 2′ x something. There are systems that show the grid well and others that sort of hide it in the background.  Suspension systems are used and can be beefed up should you need them to hold more insulation or HVAC ductwork. When you are looking at putting in a drop ceiling you should include an HVAC expert. They can give you tips and insights on what would be best for your insulating factors.

Suspended ceilings help with insulating

Suspended Ceilings help with insulating

Yes, you can get some really great insulating benefits from the use of suspended ceilings. Things such as heating and cooling a smaller space just makes sense.  However, there are other factors as well. The ceilings are lowered and there is a space or gap between the suspended ceiling and the actual ceiling. Lots of things can happen in that space, but the most important is how air is moving in that space.  Also, the tiles should be sealed and seated properly to ensure a solid wall from the suspended ceiling. At the very least it should be installed correctly to ensure everything fits properly and there are no compromising cracks. 

Suspended ceilings should always be kept in good repair to get the insulating properties you are looking for.  Broken tiles or missing tiles will compromise how it functions greatly. Replacement tiles are easy to purchase and it is very common to have a pile of them left over from the install that can be used.  

These ceilings are supported by grid that needs to be installed perfectly for the ceiling to work.  This grid installs differently with each style and design. These ceilings are perfect for commercial buildings as they are customizable and offer a warm and inviting look.  These ceilings are less permanent as well, with the grid installed should the look need to change down the road, it will be far less costly if you choose a style that will work with the current grid.  This makes keeping the space modern and stylish without redoing the entire ceiling. 

It is less costly to install than drywall ceilings.

A sheet of drywall is heavy and will require two guys or a drywall lift to put the drywall to the ceiling.  Once the drywall is to the ceiling it needs to be attached. This is just the first step, you need to repeat this over and over until the ceiling is covered.  Then, you will have to do some finishing work to seal the cracks and make the ceiling look appropriate. Should the client want any texture added or paint that is just one more level of labor that needs to be completed. 

However, with a drop ceiling, there are simple brackets to install.  Many times this is a simple process that can be done in hours instead of days.  Which makes this process far less costly in labor. The panels are simple materials and are not costly on their own either.  This is just a very inexpensive way to put a finishing touch on your ceiling.  

Suspended ceilings are customisable

Why use suspended ceiling tiles? 1
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The tiles for a drop ceiling are customizable as well.  A drywall ceiling will leave you with little options that are not overly costly.  However, you can get panels with texture and shape that will add to the room’s look and feel.  Panels can be simple white panels. However, if you have loved those old tin ceilings, this can be recreated as well.   

The drop ceilings are just easy to work with and install and the outcome is simply amazing.  Typically you need to drop at least 2″ to have the systems work properly, however, you can drop more as needed.  Commercial buildings can have very large drops as they are accommodating various things under one roof. The factory portion might need the head clearance, however, the offices do not.  That is why this sort of ceiling system is perfect for commercial applications.

New build drop ceilings

If you are considering a new build for a commercial building, drop ceilings are certainly worth taking a look at.  Also, take a look at “What is the best type of ceiling to use for commercial buildings?” as we go into further details on what advantages a drop ceiling has for commercial buildings.

And, if you are a DIY type of person you should take a look at “How to install a suspended ceiling grid“.  As we go over some things that you should take a look at and remember when installing the grid. When installing you need to be super careful measuring where the grid needs to be.  This is important to get the best results.

Drop ceilings are an excellent choice and for these various reasons”

  • affordable
  • easy to repair
  • insulating

Take a look at the various drop ceiling options.

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