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Varieties Of Pre-Engineered Ceiling & Drywall Suspension Grid

Save time & money compared to traditional TCR & furring channel construction!
Pre-engineered systems from Armstrong Ceilings are designed so you know what the details of finished installation will look like prior to construction.
Traditional methods leave many finishing decisions to be handled on-site, whilst the Drywall grid systems
reduce the risk of finding on site solutions.
DESIGN FLEXIBILITY – limited only by your imagination!
Armstrong® Drywall Grid Systems offer a variety of pre-engineered solutions for suspended or direct fix
installations, bulkheads and short spans. This makes our Drywall Grid perfect for use in apartments,
corridors, auditoriums and nearly all other spaces where set plasterboard ceilings are required.
Including these design solutions in your next project gives you assurance controls are in place.

Drywall Grid - Curved Ceilings

Curved Drywall Ceiling

– An unlimited range of curved ceilings can simply be constructed using standard Armstrong Drywall Grid Components.
– Single sand multiple curved ceilings can be framed quickly and easily, without the requirement to order pre-rolled components.
– Standard Main Bars are simply Faceted on site
– Limitless Concave or Convex designs

Drywall Grid - Quikstix Bulkheads

Drywall Grid - Quikstix Bulkheads

– Armstrong DGS QuikStix is a fast and easy solution for framing “Bulkhead” Ceilings and an economical alternative to Stud and Track construction.
– Knockouts at 150mm centers reduce cutting time.
– Alignment holes make screw installation simple and forms perfect 30, 45, 60, 75 and 90 degree angles
– Bending crimp prevents misalignment.
– Tested Seismic Solution

Drywall Grid - Wall Systems

Drywall Grid - Wall Systems

– Fast and easy solution for framing slim wall profiles and an economical alternative to Furring Channel battening.
– Enables simple framing with fixing points at a maximum span of 1200mm centres
– Easily self levels saving material and time.
– Enhances quality of finish and speed of construction by virtue of Wall Mouldings at the perimeter
– Tested Seismic Solution

Drywall Grid - Flat Ceilings

Drywall Grid - Flat Ceilings

– The Drywall Grid System is made up of Main Bars and Cross Runners that are suspended from the structural deck.
– Sections of Main Bars lock together end-to-end with Cross Runners spanning between the Main Bars.
– The ends of the Main Bars and Cross Runners either lock into the wall Channel or are fixed to Angle Trims that run around the perimeter of the space.
– Simple “two way” grid system for interior screw up ceilings
– Integration between plasterboard and acoustical panel ceilings
-Suitable for all areas where a flush plasterboard ceiling is to be installed.

Drywall Grid - Shortspan

Drywall Grid - Armstrong short span

– ShortSpan is a fast and easy solution for framing short spans and an economical alternative to TCR and Furring Channel constructions
– ShortSpan enables framing
without suspension hangers
to a maximum span of
1600mm, saving material
and time
– ShortSpan Tees engage to the
Armstrong Locking Angles
Trims at the perimeter without
the need to screw fix.
– Longer spans can be simply
achieved using the
StrongBack Support at
1600mm centres.

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