Innova & BGC Fibre Cement

The Innova range of fibre cement products provides a comprehensive selection for both commercial and residential projects.

BGC is proudly Australian, and presents an instinctive flair for both innovation and the environment.

Every product line is perfect for building great-looking, top-quality commercial and residential facades.

The range is flexible, comprehensive, competitive and we can provide added benefits such as cut to size sheets which increase efficiency on site.

With a choice of both traditional and contemporary styling, the range caters for a broad design spectrum.

Innova & BGC Fibre Cement
01 Duragrid Residential


  • Extremely robust and hardwearing
  • Smooth, flat surface, with square-edge finish simply made for expressed jointing
  • Panels that won’t rot, burn or corrode
02 Duragrid Commercial


  • The Duragrid™ Commercial façade system is extremely robust and hardwearing
  • Delivers an excitingly modern sheen to any building.
  • Square-edge finish for expressed jointing
  • Panels that won’t rot, burn or corrode
03 Duracom


  • Ideal exterior cladding system for low-to-medium rise buildings.
  • Smooth, flat surface and square-edge finish
  • Lightweight yet exceptionally resilient, Duracom™ façade system is perfect for expressed jointing and a variety of finishes – from painted to textured coatings.
04 Durascape


  • Excellent for covering large areas of facade and external cladding
  • 9mm-thick base sheet,  5mm wide shiplap joint which gives the sheet a subtle vertical shadow line
  • To create an appealingly ‘rendered’ look, try finishing Durascape™ onsite with a roll-on textured paint.
05 Duragroove


  • Adaptable, vertically-grooved panel available in different profiles and spacing
  • Shiplap join to ease and speed up your installation.
  • Available in four variants: smooth wide (150mm); smooth extra wide (400mm): smooth narrow (100mm); and woodgrain wide (150mm).
06 Stratum Weatherboard

Stratum Weatherboard

  • Choose one profile as a standalone, or mix-‘n’-match to create an original exterior cladding
  • Stratum is 300mm wide plank with a 16mm horizontal joint; Stratum™ Duo 300mm is a wide plank with a 16mm centre groove and the look of two slimmer planks; Stratum™ Trio is a wide plank with two 16mm grooves; Stratum™ Contour 170mm is a slimmer plank with a 2mm indentation at the top.

07 Stratum Era Weatherboard

Stratum Era Weatherboard

  • Vibrant and innovative alternative to weatherboard cladding systems
  • Part of the popular Stratum™ range, Stratum™ Era complements four other exceptional products.
  • 295mm wide plank designed to fix flat against a stud wall.
  • Two horizontal features, one at the top and one in the centre, give a unique look which is both traditional and contemporary.
08 Nuline Plus Weatherboard

Nuline Plus Weatherboard

  • A style that echoes real timber, Nuline™ Plus is the natural evolution of the ever-popular Nuline™ weatherboard.
  • Tongue-&-groove fitting will deliver seamlessly consistent joins
  • A slight bevel on the rear of the plank provides a 25mm bearing face on the stud making fixing and nailing exceptionally easy.
09 Stonesheet


  • A flat, square-edged sheet, Stonesheet™ comes as 9mm-thick panels.
  • Designed specially as a substrate for both residential interior and exterior applications, Stonesheet™ is an excellent alternative where other non-specifically designed substrates have been used.
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