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Total Building Systems is the proud distributor of Knauf products – manufacturer of plasterboard, compounds, cornice, metal building systems and associated products.

Knauf, is a family owned company, which has a strong global presence in the construction materials industry. With over 150 production facilities and sales organisations in over 60 countries, the Knauf Group is without doubt one of the largest players on the market. The strong position Knauf holds ensures peace of mind when it comes to the products they manufacture, the innovation, level of investment and backing that goes into their entire range.

Knauf’s range of products have been certified by Global GreenTag to GreenRate Level A, a product certification scheme recognised by the GBCA. Level A recognition results in achieving 100% of the Green Star points within the relevant materials categories.

Total Building Systems is the only South Australian distributor able to provide a complete system produced by a single manufacturer, guaranteeing seamless solutions supported by the highest standard of technical support.

No matter what the requirement- fire rating, water resistant, acoustic and decorative solutions – we have you covered, no matter how large or small your project.

Knauf Plaster Supplies Near Me In Blair Athol

Wall & Ceiling Linings

Wall & Ceiling Linings

We offer a comprehensive range of plasterboard products for residential and commercial internal wall and ceiling linings which includes standard 10mm and 13mm board, plus fire, water, impact and sound resistant technical boards.

All boards produced by Knauf in Australia are manufactured under a quality system certified as complying with AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 by an accredited certification body.

At Total Building Systems we understand that for installers one compound doesn’t fit all, so we distribute a comprehensive range of bedding cements, finishing compounds, jointing compounds, cornice cements, specialty compounds and adhesives suitable to cover all purposes.

Knauf Metal Building System

Knauf Metal Building System

Knauf Metal is a comprehensive range of metal framing components for use with wall and ceiling linings. All metal components are corrosion resistant for Australian conditions and Standards. 

Studs along with many other components, are made from ‘Next Generation’ Zincalume AM150 coated G300 steel for extra strength and corrosion resistance.

Knauf Metal Wall Systems include Steel Stud Wall Systems, Furring Channel and Batten Wall Systems, Top Hat Systems and Acoustic Stud.

Total Building Systems, together with the support of the Knauf technical team can provide a complete design service to assist you with all phases of your project from concept to completion.

Acoustic Perforated Linings

Acoustic Perforated Linings

Stratopanel (previously Cleaneo) – Seamless perforated plasterboard with acoustic performance for stunning ceiling design solutions with perfect acoustics and continuous look.

Stratopanel with CLEANEO Technology is a unique acoustic wall and ceiling lining with built-in air purification that reduces both smells and airborne pollutants, such as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), improving the overall air quality. 

Stratopanel is a seamless perforated plasterboard allowing to create beautiful seamless perforated ceilings. 

Stratopanel must be installed using Uniflott Jointing Compound.

NEW for 2018, get the edge with next generation Stratopanel using inbuilt CLEANEO Technology and bring a breath of fresh air to your wall and ceiling linings. 

Great acoustics have never looked better with the new stylish rectangular perforation, exclusive to Knauf.

System Design - K-Spec

System Design -

A custom design specification proposal for your project, developed by Knauf and catered to your project’s requirements.

Knauf engineers can develop a project-wide proposal that details the most cost-efficient wall and ceiling systems for each and every wall and ceiling in your building, ensuring a first-class system selection and reducing time and effort to design and specify.

Knauf works closely with architects, builders & contractors in achieving optimum results for all parties involved.

Knauf Blue Print & System Selector

Knauf Blue Print & System Selector

Blueprint is Knauf’s new comprehensive technical manual for lightweight steel frame construction.

Blueprint offers solutions in complete Knauf systems and allows you to confidently design your project solutions, safe in the knowledge that all system components are covered by Knauf’s 10 year warranty and that testing and approvals have been conducted on complete Knauf systems.

System details are regularly reviewed and updated with the latest information available to Knauf, to ensure specifications are completely up to date.

You can download the Blueprint via the link below or make reference to it online.

Knauf has also developed their System Selector website which enables you to effectively search the expansive knowledge suite for the design solution which matches your application.

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