Video Library

We know that, sometimes, it can be difficult to clearly discern the full range of a commercial ceiling or wall solution’s benefits simply by reading about them. Sometimes, you might be especially eager for our illustrious suppliers to show, not tell. That’s why we have compiled the following video library.

This library brings together videos from a range of big-name brands in our industry. Here at Total Building Systems, we source commercial ceiling and wall solutions from partners including Armstrong Ceiling Solutions, Knauf and BGC. However, it’s not only these products that we can provide for you.

That’s because we can also advise you on how to make the most of these products. Our partner companies, too, are happy to help. To this end, they have captured informative footage touching upon a range of subjects – from how to install their solutions, to what practical benefits they can bring to a property.

An invaluable online resource for builders

So, whether you have approached us for drywall, plasterboard, temporary fencing or another solution for meeting your commercial ceiling or wall needs, or you are considering enquiring to us about any of these products, we invite you to peruse the following compilation of videos.

Over time, you can expect us to add new videos to this page, allowing you to benefit from further, well-honed expertise from respected providers of commercial building products.

However, if you have any further unanswered questions in the meantime, please don’t be afraid to contact us. You can reach us by phone on +61 8 7325 7555, or instead via email or post.

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