12 Soundscape Acoustic Baffles Blades

Do soundproof ceilings work?

When your roof is someone’s floor it is almost impossible to have a quiet night.  However, there are things that can be done to improve the soundproofing of your ceiling.  Some of these ways are simple while others require a little bit more effort. However, it is possible to soundproof your ceilings and we would

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Mineral Fibre Ceiling Tiles

What are fibre tiles made from?

Fibre tiles are those tiles that are often used in drop ceiling operations.  They are simple to replace and to move should someone need to get to what is behind them.  Often times they come in white only, however, they do have the capability to be painted.  These tiles are apart of an elaborate drop

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12 Armstrong Drywall Grid Canada Square

What is the best type of ceiling to use for Commercial Buildings?

Often times commercial buildings are huge.  And, the ceiling options for something massive are pretty limited.  However, if you have a small commercial space you have all the same options that we have in the residential market.  The ceiling chosen should offer an inviting feel to the building, offer insulative properties and be good aesthetically. 

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01 Peakform Prelude 24mm Exposed Tee

Why use suspended ceiling tiles?

There are several great reasons to use suspended ceiling tiles.  Suspended ceiling tiles are the same thing as a drop ceiling. These terms can be interchangeable.  However, sometimes they are confused about the general public. These ceiling systems can be used in residential and commercial applications.  They are not a permanent system and can be

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